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When e-cigarettes were launched it came with an intention to find a safer and cleaner way to inhale nicotine. As to discontinue the consumption of tobacco. But the reasons behind people using e-cigs are shifting. People, and especially youngsters, use it to boast there social image, which I personally don’t consider as a good sigh of for several reasons.

As of now, below we’ll point out 10 primary reasons to why people love vaping e-liquids:

Vaping is Cheaper
Even if you consume a pack of cigarette a day, it would cost you over £4,000 a year. Whereas vaping is a far less expensive option and its price will not increase as of tobacco in coming years.

Safer Than Cigarettes
Considering the health standards over top priority, e-cigarettes are more or less 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. A research study stated that the cancer potencies of e-cigarettes were largely below 0.5% that of smoking.

Lesser Mess
People with smoking experience – who would have smoked in cars knows well how much mess it creates and how much time it takes to clean it.

Feels Better
You get an exclusive range of e-liquid online to buy among many appealing flavors from Cherry Crush, to Bubblegum.

Choose the Amount of Nicotine
The vibrant range of e-liquids allows you to choose the amount of nicotine you want to consume.

Socially Acceptable
Even if your friend standing near you smokes a cigarette can affect the people around. But vaping won’t negatively impact. Hence, it is more socially acceptable than cigarettes.

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