When to Replace the Battery: Before Or After Your Vaping Session?

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When to Replace the Battery: Before Or After Your Vaping Session?

Replacing a battery is a common practice, sooner or later every single vaper does it. Don’t matter how trusted and robust your system is, the batteries need to be replaced at some point. There no such vaping technology built yet that can make a battery last forever. Hence, even the most advanced vaping system ever developed need to have their batteries replaced.

Using a dying battery could hamper the performance of your hardware and ultimately damage it. Thus the battery needs to be replaced at the right time. This is a very commonly noted question by many vapers, when should the battery be switched out, before or after a vaping session?

Typically it depends upon the hardware you use for vaping. However, it is best to replace the batteries prior to your vape session, only when if you observed the signs that show something is clearly wrong and the battery needs to be changed. Let’s have a look at what are those signs:

  • If you see your battery doesn’t hold a charge for the right amount of time anymore, it can be one sign that a battery needs replacement. It happens gradually, vapers must notice before it’s too late.
  • Leaking battery could be one another reason. Vapers should go for instant replacement because it not only bad for the health of your device but also highly dangerous. Make sure no one uses the device until a new battery is installed.
  • When there is nothing wrong with the hardware, but the device doesn’t performs well or acts strangely, the fading battery could be one good reason behind it.

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