What Kind Of E-Cigarette Smokers Are You?

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What Kind Of E-Cigarette Smokers Are You?

No one in this world would disagree smoking is a bad habit. It is one of the most addictive and harmful ones people carry through their lives. Even a cigarette’s marketing packs declares its harms. Though people still consume it because of its constituent element, which is Nicotine known for being a highly addictive ingredient present in cigarettes in a heavy amount.

Media portrays smoking as crystal-clear black and white, saying that it has no health benefits, although many consequences. But smoking is more like a gradient spread. Different smoking habits would lead to wide-ranging possible consequences. For example, smoking two packs of cigarettes in a day must carry a different set of consequences than a single cigarette on not so often Friday evening.

Before we say anything against or in favor of anti-smoking campaigns, it is important to know about its various smoking habits of people and then consider their health risks.

Social Smokers
These are generally casual smokers. They are almost 30 % of all smokers who only smoke in a particular setting, such as parties, meetings, etc.

Anxious Smokers
They smoke to feel relaxed. This is a physiological paradox. Smoking when you’re anxious makes you feel sound in that particular situation.

Addicted Smoker
These are the ones who actually should be very conscious about their health. Addictive smoking is the deadliest when it comes to smoker’s health. It is when you consume the highest amount of nicotine in a day.

It is always the right time to quit smoking because obviously, it’s not a good habit. Smoking highly affects the consumer’s health. There are several paths out of addictive smoking. Primarily, you must engage yourself in talking to the health care professional.

Apart from that, using e-cigarettes to switch from smoking and find a way out of it is a popular trend seen these days. It is absolutely not the right approach but turned very helpful for many people. As addictive smokers can’t stop consuming nicotine in a day. It takes time to get habitual of things, and e-cigarettes help you choose the amount of nicotine you want to consume in a day. If you’re a smoking addict, we have a tremendous range of e-cigarettes online to buy at exclusive pricing and attractive looks. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now.

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