Tips to Easily Adapt the New Flavor of Vape Liquid

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Tips to Easily Adapt the New Flavor of Vape Liquid

At times it happens that after a few days or weeks, you realize it’s time to try a new flavour for vaping. Then you seek a new flavour of e-liquid without even tasting, believing it to be as satisfying as the old one. Regardless of reason, replacing the old with a new flavour makes some vapers struggle to adopt the change while hitting the mods.

So here are the best ways to easily adjust to the new flavour of vape liquid without disrupting your satisfaction each time you fire your mod.

Tips to follow before switching to a new flavor

Vaping Palate Cleanse
Vaping palate-cleansing before switching to a new flavour is an effective way to adjust to new e-juice. You can pick a pure menthol flavor to vape as a palate cleanser in-between two complex flavors, it will have the same effect.

Slowly Deter Yourself
You can go slowly with the switching process. You can use two vaping setups, put the old flavor in one and the new in the other. Then, gradually narrow the ratio between how much you vape the old flavor and the new one in a day. Eventually, you will be able to adjust to the new one.

No Change in Nicotine Strength
While switching to a new e-juice flavor can be a bit jarring, stick to the same nicotine strength you have been vaping. So you don’t have to adjust to any further changes at the same time.

Clean the Tank
Before switching to a new flavor you must ensure that the tank is clean and coil is fresh. Trace amounts of vape liquid in the tank can give you awful tastes of the old e-juice when you try to vape the new one. So it is always suggested to clean the tank and use fresh coil before vaping a new flavour.

With the above-listed tips, you can enjoy vaping a new flavor of vape juice even if you have picky palates. At S&Heaven wide range of cheap vape liquids are available to choose the one as per your taste.

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