Road Five


The town a hazy speck, far behind. A band of ochre and clay lazing in the fiery midday heat and the trot of a black horse echoing to the north and the south, no obstacles in the way. Then, suddenly, on the edge of the road, a tranquil plain, somewhere to pitch a tent and plant tobacco. I got my first fragrance there. A bitter note with plant aromas,a eulogy to the road and to the promised land

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Dry blond tobacco with some dried fruits notes

This range will take you on an American road trip of exceptional tobacco flavours.
The intensity of the tobacco flavour passed down from Mountain ManBen Northon is ideal for lovers of the “real taste”. Inspired by one of Mountain Man Ben Northon’s road trips,
this range focuses on traditional American tobacco culture.
Solevan France has created five authentic flavours including Road Five, Black Hors, Gold Digger, Does Skin and Love Blond which tell the fascinating story of Ben Northon’s American adventures.

Lovers of the real tobacco taste will love the strong, pure flavours.
Discover Ben Northon,
an exceptional formula with 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin,
flavour extracts, ALCOLHOL-FREE, in 10 ml bottles, live the intense sensations..

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