Love Blonde Ben Northon 10ml


One dry and arid evening, in a seedy saloon,
our eyes met. The scent of her hair was like freedom,
expanses of wilderness,
and her skin,
like a light tobacco fragrance, was volatile and golden.
She left one night,
lured by the call of the high plains.
Sometimes her memory caresses me like a wild breeze.
Her gaze, her scent,
the smoke escaping from her lips.

Love Blond for ever…

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Blond tobacco with some nuts notes 

This range will take you on an American road trip of exceptional tobacco flavours.
The intensity of the tobacco flavour passed down from Mountain ManBen Northon is ideal for lovers of the “real taste”. Inspired by one of Mountain Man Ben Northon’s road trips,
this range focuses on traditional American tobacco culture.
Solevan France has created five authentic flavours including Road FiveBlack HorsGold DiggerDoes Skin and Love Blond which tell the fascinating story of Ben Northon’s American adventures.

Lovers of the real tobacco taste will love the strong, pure flavours.
Discover Ben Northon,
an exceptional formula with 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin,
flavour extracts, ALCOLHOL-FREE, 

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