Hangsen Tobacco 5ml


Original liquid from Hangsen, Available in 18mg strenghts. Choose from over 40 different flavors. Not sure which one is right for you. Send us email which cigarettes you prefer, we will send you suggestions which liquids are most similar to them.

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Hangsen E-liquid uses only Top-graded ingredients such as 98% pure nicotine, French flavoring and American Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerol (80/20)Expiry Date: 21/05/2015.

USA MIX (white) light tobacco flavor with a note of fruit, a little sweet.
USA MIX (red) smooth, classic taste of the American cigarette tobacco. Relatively dry with a hint of sweetness. Subtle, spicy aftertaste. Excellent taste for the daily e-smoking.
Blast ICE ML tastes like a mixture of mint and peppermint candy cigarettes.
Desert Ship Strong tobacco flavor with the addition of Turkish tobacco, adding spice.
HS Delight-slightly sweet, strong smell of tobacco, rich flavor
Hotel-delicate taste of tobacco, slightly sweet with a hint of toasted caramel

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