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Fiber Freaks Density 2

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Fiber Freaks’ cellulose wick was created to offer an alternative for cotton users. The raw material is made from wood by an organic compound, processed under clean conditions free from contaminants, it offers outstanding performance when used in atomizers. The wick is then sterilized following a pioneering technique that does not alter the product. 

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Chosen for its revolutionary capillarity and high capacity of absorption and desorption, Fiber Freaks’ cellulose wick releases authentic and long lasting flavours. It is a product 100% European, with one of the lowest environmental impact on the market. The wick in cellulose Fiber Freaks was selected for its high purity and traceability. The cellulose used as raw material follows the highest health standards for the cytotoxicity of medical products, for sensitive applications, and for food filtration at high temperature.

Fiber Freaks comes in 2 densities: n°1 is airy like cotton, and n°2 is very dense and needs scissors to be cut. Both work great in all atomizers and the main difference sits in user preferences in terms of workability of the material.