Pick Up The Exotic Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid From The Best Store

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Pick Up The Exotic Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid From The Best Store

Exotic flavors in e-liquid can effectively enhance the pleasure of vaping by giving it the exact effect which smoking gives. Best Tobacco E Liquidcan be the top most choice for several vaping lovers. E-cigarette shop is astore that gives you a myriad of flavors to choose from. There are a number of tobacco flavored e-juices that you can choose from our shop. Have a look on some of them here.

Oasis E juice:

  • It provides an enticing aroma.
  • It comes in two distinct flavors WOW and Premium.
  • WOW flavor is sweet and has soft throat hit.
  • Premium one has its true taste with high throat hit.

Eclipse E juice:

  • Its taste is a perfect blend of vanilla and tobacco.
  • Its Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is 70 and Propylene Glycol (PG) is 30.
  • It’s a wonderful flavor that you would love to vape.

Rough Rider Red E juice:

  • It has an intense throat hit effect.
  • Its taste is equivalent to that of a traditional tobacco.
  • This e juice easily blends with the other flavors.
  • You can pick this flavor by choice and also when you are in a fix to choose amongst many of them.

Similarly there are other tobacco e liquid like Cuban Cigar e juice and RY Twist e juice. Both these flavors have their own essence which make them the premium choices for tobacco lovers.

At our E-cigarette shop you can easily find the flavors of your choice. We also give you the option of DIY by providing you atomizer tool kits, prebuilt coils etc. So, if you are looking for the best tobacco e liquid, surf through our website and buy the ones of your choice. You can also drop us a mail regarding any query or suggestion.

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