Important Details about E-Liquids Expiration

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Important Details about E-Liquids Expiration

Sometimes at the end moment while dripping-in the e-liquid into the vaping device, its expiry date catches your eye, and you notice the expiration date passed days ago. This is quite a common situation, many vapers do come across this in their vaping span. Well, whatever maybe the case, recommendation says you must NOT use expired e-liquids.

A normal shelf life of an e-liquid is about 2 years without any problem, if stored appropriately. Any cheap e-liquid available online or premium ones consists of three major ingredients – nicotine, VG/PG ratio, and some flavours. Like most perishables, quality of the vape liquids demolishes after the expiry date. Also, it depends on the type and the flavour of e-liquid, addressing them you decide whether e-liquid should be disposed or not.

It isn’t like you don’t have a look over the expiration date you will not release. The vape liquids shows signs, it depends on a few factors that do indicate:

As per recommendations, e-liquids should be kept at a cool and dry place. If you didn’t considered the recommendation, the vape juice will lose its taste and flavour even before the expiry date, be careful.

Make sure to shake the e-liquid well before dripping into the mod. Don’t use it, if the contents in the liquid are still separated.
Ensure you store the liquid in a cool and dry place, away from being directly exposed to sunlight. These instructions are given every e-liquid packing bottles. Exposure to the sunlight could causes fermentation in the liquid, which spoils its taste, smell and consistency.

If your e-liquid bottles have become stale, and you’re planning to trash them, make sure you do it responsibly. Apart from this, you can check out our amazing range of flavoured cheap e-liquid online. Go check out our website for more details.

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