How Many Puffs a Day is Overdose for Vaping?

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How Many Puffs a Day is Overdose for Vaping?

Back then when vaping wasn’t a popular trend but smoking was, every now and then we use to hear “Smoking is injurious to health, it takes lives.” We still hear them, however, now there is an addition “Nicotine is more poisonous than cyanide!” and many more such. It is obvious these statements are out of care for thousands of lives of people vaping or smoking.

For those who don’t know, every discussion about intents of a cigarette or a vape liquid will be incomplete without mentioning their major ingredient – Nicotine. It is highly renowned to be a toxic & addictive chemical in any form. This became a reason for many smokers to switch to vaping.

Since nicotine is also present in vaping liquids, it makes vapers concerned about nicotine poisoning or nicotine overdose from vaping. So, should vapers get worried about how much nicotine they consume through vaping or they should not? Well, the answer to the question would vary from individual to individual. One need to observe how much the amount of nicotine beyond the limit for their body is. There are ways you adapt to do that.

When have reached a point that it feels nauseous, you will release this is a sign that yes you have had too much nicotine during the session and you must end it now. This is how your body reacts telling you need a break now. By far through our experience, the expression of nausea increases gradually. Skipping it right away would be the right call for that moment. Other than that, vapers might experience a headache if you’re done overdose.

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