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E-Cigarette Shop has been helping people quit smoking and moving to vape for years now. Throughout our active participation in the vaping industry, we came across many vapers, from newcomers to experience holders. We tried to understand their needs and expectation from a top-notch E-Cigarette Shop. You can find every vaping necessity on our website.

From our experience, we have sorted five simple steps to get started with vaping, especially for newcomers. Here are the few steps you can follow to quit smoking:

  • Pick your experience
  • Pick your device
  • Pick your vape juice
  • Get the right parts (Batteries and other essentials)
  • Read the instructions
  • Vape

For people looking to quit smoking, an absolute vaping experience can be really helpful and satisfying as cigarettes but not equivalently harmful. The amazing vaping experience is the result of choosing the right device, pair it with the right vape juice to enjoy a life-remembering vaping experience.

Many people don’t have enough knowledge about the vaping world and terminology so it can be difficult to the right choice for the device or the vape liquid. Therefore, the renowned vape shop – S&Heaven also provides you with the fines the collection of vape kits. The demand for E-Cigarette starter kits has seen significant growth in the market. They make it simpler for a smoker to switch from traditional smoking to vaping.

We only list the top branded e-cigs and their accessories so that all our customers can get overwhelming vaping experience. Make sure you don’t miss out to read the instructions that come with the device. Any small glitch in the initial steps would put a bad impression about vaping for life.

It is recommended, we fill the device with vape liquid for the first time don’t vape it straight away, wait for five minutes and let the coil get covered in liquid.

S&Heaven is always there to help you with your vaping need. You can get in touch with us anytime you want and place your order from our websites.

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