Does Vape Juice Expire or Not?

Vape E Liquid

Does Vape Juice Expire or Not?

There are a lot of interesting questions that might occur in the vaper’s mind regarding vaping and everything involved in it. Like, many would be worried about the expiration of vape juice, answer to their query is yes e-liquids expire. Vape juice is one of the main components of vaping, and as per recommendations to follow the expiration date mentioned on the bottle to ensure safety, like other food and dairy products.

The quality of the product diminishing over time, so it was never as good as the day you bought it. The expiry date is just the time period for how the vape liquid sustains its normal state. After that mentioned period, it starts getting into its worst state.

Lifespan of Vape Liquid
It is one of the shelf-stable products, thus hardly reacts with its environment and lasts longer, if stored correctly. The three most common ingredients in e-liquid, nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), typically have a shelf life of about two years. Hence, its general life span is about two years. However, the expiration dates of the vape juice of several brands are different.

Things Impacting Lifespan of E-Liquids
If it gets exposed to sunlight or extreme heat, its major complements could breakdown more quickly. Considerably, shelf life also depends upon the quality of the ingredients used. As, if a vape liquid uses natural compounds to create flavors over artificial flavors, then the e-liquid would spoil comparatively more quickly.

If you’re one of them who has a habit of making a collection of favorite flavors and consume them by them, you might expect your vape liquid to be safe with a longer consumption period. At our E-cigarette Shop, you get a complete variety of Vape E Liquid, exactly like the one you desire.

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